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Learn to Swim Course

A complete beginner’s course to start swimming!

 You may be scared of the water and find difficulties in putting your head into the water, learning how to breathe and taking your very first stroke. Or you might be able to paddle around in the water but don’t know the proper techniques to swim confidently. Conquering those challenges is never easy, but a little consistency and determination will get you through it.

We teach beginners as well as those with no experience in swimming and help you achieve your individual learning goals – be it to learn a new life skill, to swim for fitness or to take part in your first triathlon/ open water swim.

Our programme helps build up your confidence in the water, incorporates a unique learning process which uses simple drills to build up your stroke step-by-step .


Who is this for?

  • Kids 6 years and above

  • Adults of any age

  • Courage learners - those who want to overcome water phobia or have no experience swimming

  • Beginner learners - those can swim 25m or less, in any stroke

Course Outline

  • Breathing and relaxation

  • Basic stroke: Breast stroke

  • Life Survival Skills: Water threading, etc.

  • Advanced strokes: Freestyle, Backstroke and Butterfly (optional)


  • Overcome your fear of water (if any)

  • Able to swim confidently

  • Master the basic survival skills

We offer Personal 1 to 1 classes and Personal Group* classes

*Group organized by yourself, group fee shown is shared among learners

**Additional fees may apply for private coaching

  - Pool entry at PJ Palms RM12 per pax per session

  - Travelling fee for travel distance of 10-15KM RM12 per session

Adults Group Classes

also available

Bukit Kiara Equestrian & Country Club

Friday 8.30-9.30am (MORNING)

Saturday 7.00-8.00am (MORNING)

Saturday 8.00-9.00am (MORNING)

Pool Location:

1. PJ Palms Sports Centre, Petaling Jaya 


2. Your residential pool.

Try it now! Give a call to

019-217 7561 or book via link below.

Operating hours: 
Everyday 7am – 9pm (flexible) 

Check coach’s availability here


The first session was good. The kids are happy and comfortable with Shauqie. It’s an honour to le...


I am very satisfied with the trial. Shauqie guided me from the very basic. He is patient and went step by step until I did it right. He made me felt welcome to learn swimming. Looking forward for future lessons.


I would like to thank coach Shauqie Aziz for training Pat Ee. She was an aquaphobic and took me close to 3yrs to convince her to pickup swimming. Glad that we found out about coach Shauqie Aziz