Triathlon Swim Squad

Consistent training for competitive swimmers

This squad is mainly for adult triathletes and open water swimmers. However any adult who wishes to swim for fitness is most welcome to join the squad. Swimming in a squad of committed athletes keeps up the motivation and discipline of training. The swim speed for this squad ranges from 3:00min/100m to 1:25min/100m with total swim distance of 3,000m to 5,000 each session.

Who is this for?

  • Adult triathletes & open water swimmers

  • Swim speed between 1:25min to 3:00min (per 100 metres)

Course Outline

NB: The training plan for each squad session will cover a combination of the following:

  • Technique Development – shorter sets with varying drills
    alignment and propulsion

  • Threshold (Speed) Development – long swim sets

  • Open Water Skills – simulates open water conditions


Our swim squad has produced hundreds of competitive triathletes and open water swimmers. Be it working adults who want a tick off their bucket list or our local champions who compete for prestige, we have coached them to what they dreamed to be. You are our next!

Join Us 

At any of the following Sessions

Pool Location:

1. PJ Palms Sports Centre, Petaling Jaya

University Malaya Pool

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Give a call to 019-217 7561 or

book via link below.


I just finished my first triathlon. Don't know what came over me when I registered for the 70.3 Ironman at Putrajaya. With just 2.5 months left and desperate, I enrolled myself with mySwim, hoping to learn to survive the 1.9km swim leg. Prior to this, I can't even swim 25m in the pool ! Was just using self taught survival swimming techniques, probably swim only a few times in a year. In the course of 2.5mths, I diligently follow coach's training methods & schedule.. hoping to achieve a miracle. I improved my swim techniques, develop a body & lungs catered to long swims, build a

strong mentality to overcome the fear of water & the feeling of "out of breath" in the water. Nothing comes easy without proper training & guidance. You will need a good strong coach to push you & overcome the odds. Luckily I made the right choice. I finished my swim below 1 hour. My sincere thanx to my coach!


I am glad to have found Shauqie Aziz as my coach, today I have managed to found a breakthrough in my stroke rate limitation for all these years. A simple advice and analogy worked really well for someone like me who have really poor body coordination skills.

I believe the work today would helped me break my current swimming plateau in order to move to higher ground. It's only my second session after a long break from Shauqie coaching before.

I had many swimming coaches with me before, I believe a coach must be flexible and open minded as everyone is different. He or she must be kept up to date in the latest development in the field so best practice is witheld

There is no need to find coach who is an Olympian but has no passion in coaching you


Started 2017 at 3:15/100m…then 2:45/100m…stayed at 2:27/100m for a few months …by 2017 Ironman 70.3 Langkawi 2:13/100m. Swimming smooth now. Next goal 2:00/100m by 2018 IM 70.3 Langkawi. Thank you squad!


As a age grouper triathlete, learning to swim presented my greatest challenge due to fear of the open water and bad swimming technique

Shauqie has helped me conquer majority of fears that I faced in my swim. I've learned proper breathing & swim technique, and most importantly how to be both fast and efficient in the water. You simply can't learn the fundamentals of a good swim stroke on your own and finding a great teacher is a critical step. I highly recommend Shauqie to any athlete wanting to improve their swimming

THANK YOU COACH!!! You are the best 


*Squad pool entry fees: UM RM10 & PJ Palms RM15, per pax per session


Monday - Sunday

7am - 9pm


Petaling Jaya | Kuala Lumpur