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Learn to swim with MySwim Coaching

Learn to Swim for Adults

Get the basics right from the start

Programme Intro

Start here if you're looking for swimming classes for adults. Our programme covers learn to swim for absolute beginners as well as learn to swim freestyle.


In the complete package, we cover all the fundamental skills you need to be confident and comfortable in the water - teaching you to take the first breath in the water, the proper techniques and strokes, all the way to floating at the deep end of the pool. You'll be amazed at what you can do!

In the learn to swim freestyle programme, we keep it simple and focus on teaching you the right techniques that suit you and your body. That is the secret to swimming freestyle: tailoring the stroke to fit you. You'll soon find that you don't get out of breath and swimming freestyle is easy, just as the stroke was designed to be - effortless, efficient and fast.

We'll ensure you'll have the right foundation to achieve your goals; be it to swim for fun, for fitness or to swim in the sea for the first time.​

Suitable for:

  • Adults (aged 16 & above)

  • Absolute beginners/ no prior experience

  • Some experience but struggle to swim a full lap in the pool

What You Will Get

​​Fundamental skills​

  • Breathing and confidence in the water

  • Breaststroke swimming

  • Floating and water survival

  • Freestyle swimming




To learn more, check out our Frequently Asked Questions

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