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Learn to swim with MySwim Coaching

Learn to Swim

Get the basics right from the start

Programme Intro

Start here if you're looking for swimming classes for adults. Our programme covers learn to swim for absolute beginners as well as learn to swim freestyle.


In the complete package, we cover all the fundamental skills you need to be confident and comfortable in the water - teaching you to take the first breath in the water, the proper techniques and strokes, all the way to floating at the deep end of the pool. You'll be amazed at what you can do!

In the learn to swim freestyle programme, we keep it simple and focus on teaching you the right techniques that suit you and your body. That is the secret to swimming freestyle: tailoring the stroke to fit you. You'll soon find that you don't get out of breath and swimming freestyle is easy, just as the stroke was designed to be - effortless, efficient and fast.

We'll ensure you'll have the right foundation to achieve your goals; be it to swim for fun, for fitness or to swim in the sea for the first time.​

Suitable for:

  • Adults & kids (aged 10 & above)

  • Absolute beginners/ no prior experience

  • Some experience but struggle to swim a full lap in the pool

What You Will Get

​​Fundamental skills​

  • Breathing and confidence in the water

  • Breaststroke swimming

  • Floating and water survival

  • Freestyle swimming

For other strokes & techniques, please contact us.


Stroke Correction & Video Analysis

Swim further, faster, better

Programme Intro

We are specialists in triathlon swim coaching. We help you prepare for your first triathlon race and we're with you every step of the way as you demand greater and greater performance from yourself in your triathlon journey. 

If you're struggling with breathing or get tired easily, we'll help improve your freestyle stroke technique so that you can sustain it for longer distances. For more advanced athletes, training itself is not enough and the small minute details matter - we'll help refine your technique and unlock your ability to shave seconds off your time. 

Using the power of video analysis and our years of experience, we'll identify what’s holding you back in the water. Most importantly, we have the expertise to coach you in the quickest and most effective way.

These sessions are highly personalised to meet your individual goals.

Suitable for:

  • Fitness swimmers who want to keep improving

  • Youth/teens who compete in freestyle swimming competitions

  • Beginner to advanced open water swimmers and triathletes

What You Will Get

  • Filming - Full HD video filming in a range of angles

  • Analysis - We analyse your technique and what’s holding you back

  • Stroke correction - Coaching to correct any stroke flaws and improve your technique

  • Training advice - Swim drills and recommendations for practice/ training

Stroke Correction with MySwim Coaching
Triathlon swim training with MySwim Coaching

Triathlon Swim Squad

Train with a passionate community of swimmers

Programme Intro

Have you ever wanted to compete in a triathlon, but lack confidence in your swimming? Or are you frustrated that you are not improving in spite of your training.


Under the guidance of our expert coaches, you will:​

  • Improve your freestyle form

  • Push your race pace

  • Test your mental and physical endurance for long distances

Suitable for:

  • Triathletes, open water swimmers and fitness swimmers

  • Able to swim freestyle continuously for at least 50m

  • Threshold speed between 1:30 – 4:00 per 100m (swimmers are seeded in lanes according to ability)

What You Will Get

Our challenging but fun sessions include:

  • Structured programme covering technique, speed and endurance

  • Regular time trials and feedback to track your improvement

  • Motivation from training with a bunch of passionate triathletes and swimmers

  • Unlimited access to 6 sessions per week


Open Water Clinics

Gain the skills to swim in the open sea

Programme Intro

Here is where you will apply your pool training to race conditions. You will develop your ultimate confidence in swimming, in a natural condition.

As the official coaching partner of the Malaysia Open Water Swimming (MOWS) Series, we provide the coaching at their open water practice sessions in Port Dickson and Putrajaya, held once every 2-3 months.

Beginner Open Water Clinic

  • For swimmers who want to experience open water swimming for the first time; we teach the basics of safety & survival, overcoming anxiety, sighting & navigation.

Performance Open Water Training

  • This is a high intensity training using demanding skillsets such as drafting formations, adapting to different wave conditions, race simulations in deep water/beach starts.

Coach Shauqie at Open Water race

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Coach Shauqie Aziz coaching his swimmers at MySwim Coaching