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View V540SA Swimming Goggles for Casual and Fitness. Brand new featured "Swipe Anti-Fog", just rub on the lens with your finger, and the anti-fogging funtiton will be resumed. 10 times anti-fog effect of the previous goggles. Double Silicon construction for an amazing fit. The super soft silicon ensures a comfortable strain-free experience whilst the durable outer silicon improves stability. DESIGN Feature 1 FIRST Swimming goggles in Japan t combine two silicone materials for extreme softness together with outstanding tightness VIEW Swimming goggles successfully combine silicone materials to provide both extreme softness and a tight fit. The lenses cover is made with tight materials, securing the goggles. The inner section is made with extremely soft materials, fitting the shape of your face, fitting like a second skin. Feature 2 New Rib structure reduced unnecessary pressure. The rib structure provides elasticity for the face pads, reducing the unpleasant pressure on the eyes during use. it helps the viewer to have a natural look for pleasant use over long periods.

• Swipe Anti-Fog 10 times anti-fog effect
• Removable silicone cushion pad
• UV Cut
• Anti-fogging
• 3 sizes of nose clip available"

View V540SA Swipe Anti-Fog Goggle

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