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Stroke Correction & Video Analysis

Swim further, faster, better

Programme Intro

We are specialists in triathlon swim coaching. We help you prepare for your first triathlon race and we're with you every step of the way as you demand greater and greater performance from yourself in your triathlon journey. 

If you're struggling with breathing or get tired easily, we'll help improve your freestyle stroke technique so that you can sustain it for longer distances. For more advanced athletes, training itself is not enough and the small minute details matter - we'll help refine your technique and unlock your ability to shave seconds off your time. 

Using the power of video analysis and our years of experience, we'll identify what’s holding you back in the water. Most importantly, we have the expertise to coach you in the quickest and most effective way.

These sessions are highly personalised to meet your individual goals.

Suitable for:

  • Adults (aged 16 & above)

  • Beginner freestyle swimmers who want to swim for long distance

  • Intermediate to advanced swimmers and triathletes who want continual improvements in technique and speed

What You Will Get

  • Filming - Full HD video filming in a range of angles

  • Analysis - We analyse your technique and what’s holding you back

  • Stroke correction - Coaching to correct any stroke flaws and improve your technique

  • Training advice - Swim drills and recommendations for practice/ training

Stroke Correction with MySwim Coaching

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