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Your Guide To Swimming Effortlessly



Seeing is believing

Everyone has their own most efficient stroke. We diagnose what's holding you back in the water and coach you to find that sweet spot in your swim.



Your Swim Journey

Personal swim coaching with Coach Yoges of MySwim Coaching

Learn to Swim

Getting the basics right from the start

Stroke correction and video analysis with MySwim Coaching

Stroke Correction & Video Analysis

Swim further, faster, better

Triathlon swim squad training with MySwim Coaching

Triathlon Swim Squad

Train with a passionate community of swimmers

Open water clinics with MySwim Coaching

Open Water Clinics

Gain the skills to swim in the open sea



They Believed in Us

Juliana Khoo

My new swimming instructor is awesome. After 2 sessions with her, I was able to do breaststroke. I have little confidence when it comes to swimming in deep water but today she managed to convince me to do a straddle jump at the deep end of the pool. After a few minutes of her patiently convincing me, I jumped in for the first time & survived, and repeated after that ✌🏻Today I don’t fear deep water as much & on my way to treading water. Thanks coach! Highly recommended if you want to learn swimming 😊

Chan Yian Kit

Joining MySwim's squad has been one of the best decisions I've made in life. From struggling to swim 50m in early March 2021 to be able to swim 200m, 400m and did a solid 2.2km by the end of March was something I couldn't believe myself. The coaches have been super encouraging and with their experience, my problem was solved. Thanks to all the passionate coaches!

Sabli Sahari

MySwim's Stroke Correction techniques really work. I can swim a few continuous laps without any problem and with stable breathing, which I could not do before. Cannot wait for the next sessions for pace improvement. My coach is really my live triathlon motivator!

Teh Chen Yee

I love to be in water and have done scuba diving for more than 5 years, yet I didn’t know how to swim. I decided to take a course from a proper swimming school to learn most effectively. My coach has been coaching me to do different skills, drills and pushing me to go further from time to time, now at the 7th lesson I can swim comfortably on my own. I definitely recommend MySwim for adults who want to be better at swimming. Go fulfil that bucket list and enjoy being in water!

Kvin Lim

I had been struggling to swim a complete lap of 50m despite training 3-4 times a week for almost a year. My friend recommended MySwim and all my mistakes were corrected within 2 classes. Best coaching decision ever!

Karen Gan

Within 10 lessons, I was transformed from a person with a childhood fear of water into someone who enjoys interacting with water. I then joined the swim squad to be trained for open water swimming. It has really been an amazing and rewarding journey for me.

Start Swimming Today

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