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Be The Water

Today's technique session focussing on developing the feel for the water. As we go through Part 1. Conventionally during the kick on side drill we focus on good alignment in the water (shoulder and arm is aligned), but today we just add up a subtle sculling action to the lead arm to get you feel the constant water pressure at the front while keeping the arm straight too!. In Part 2, the focus is on catch mechanics where we only use 1 paddle for the first 400M breathing opposite the paddle. You will notice if your arm collapsing when taking breath as the paddle will give you feedback.


  • 200 easy with buoy

  • 200 Kick on Side as 25 L + 25R (subtle sculling action to the lead arm) + 50f/s

  • 2/300 f/s with paddles & p/buoy as B3/B5/B7/B3

  • 2/300 as ↑ Doggy paddle extension ↓ f/s


  • 3/400 P/buoy + 1 Paddle as 100R - 100L - 100R - 100L - Breathing opposite paddle every 4 stroke.

  • 2/300 as 12.5 scull#1 + 12.5 Doggy Paddle + 12.5 Fist + 12.5 f/s

  • 200 p/buoy + paddles B3

OW Skill Swim - Deep Water Turn

Swimming with one paddle will get you to focus and feel if you make mistake on the paddle side.


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