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CSS Time Trial & Testing New Threshold

Hi gang!

Last night, the squad had Time Trial taken to estimate their swim threshold pace or in another word, CSS (Critical Swim Speed). Right after I acquire the data in Set 1, I tested the swimmers with their new CSS in Set 2. Here is the result of CSS Time Trial.

Full Data of CSS Test

Yaroslav has improved his CSS from 2:01/100M since last January 06 to 1:56/100M. Steven 1st CSS test is 1:56/100M while KC and Rizwan is 2:29/100M - 2:34/100M.

Note: CSS/ Threshold test is a test to measure your average swim speed within the range of 400M-3.8K. This test is a shorter version of you swimming for 1.9K / 3.8K distance which is challenging to perform in monthly basis. Learn more about css training here.


  • Warm UP (800M)

  • 200 easy f/s

  • 200 GO Broken Arrow BACK f/s

  • 200 as 12.5M Scull#1 + 12.5M Doggy Paddle + 25M F/s B5s

  • 200 as easy - moderate - fast - fastest

  • SET 1 - CSS Time Trial(600)

  • 400 - Max Sustainable pace

-------5 mins break with active recovery-------

  • 200 - Fast pace

  • SET 2 - Testing New CSS - All at CSS+0

  • 1X400 (+1 Beep)

  • 1X200 (+1 beep)

  • 2X100 (+2 beep - Beat the beeper)

  • 1X400 (Well done!)

Cheers, Shauqie Aziz


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