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Maximise swimming performance with Finis Tempo Trainer Pro

Coaches and swimmers have been asking how to use Finis tempo trainer in their training. In this 3 minutes video, I'm going to show how this little tool can help your pacing in the pool. MODE 1 - Pace Control

Example: 2:10/100M is your threshold pace. Convert 2:10 into seconds = 130s

130s / 4 parts = 32.50s/25M. This means the beeper will beat every 32:50s to let you know your position if you set off too fast or slow. By the ends of 100M, the beeper should beep the fourth.

MODE 2 - Pace Control (with beating the beeper)

Typically, when you swim in a squad, coach will tell you, he wants you to swim 10x100M at interval 2:20. So if your pace is 2:10/100m, you will get 10 seconds rest every 100M. Sometimes, coach is busy looking swimmers in the next lane and missed setting you off within 10s, so the tempo trainer will set you off by beep.

MODE 3 - Rhythm & Timing If you are swimming at 50 SPM (strokes per minute) and your coach/friend tells you that you cadence is low, you may want to try lifting you cadence up but in some cases, it goes excessively high without you able to maintain that for longer period. So if you have tempo trainer, you will be able to increase by 1 or 2 strokes/ minute and your mind will set to the rhythm beep...beep...beep....beep and get into zen mode!

- Shauqie Aziz-

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