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Ready to try the Red Mist swim set? (Part 2)

Challenge your mind and body. Do you want to try it?

Yesterday I shared with you why you should perform a Red Mist set. Today, let’s hit the pool!

Things you need

1. Reasonably good swim fitness - This set is very demanding, you must be swimming a minimum of 2-3 times/week to perform this set.

2. Good hydration plan - This set requires a longer recovery time, you must come with a fresh body, which means no running/ cycling before, and you must be well hydrated.

3. FINIS Tempo Trainer Pro (“Tempo Trainer”) - This set is only going to work and give you a challenging set when you have a Tempo Trainer. So you must get one.

Example of a Red Mist set

8x50 on RM8

6x100 on RM7

5x200 on RM6

4x300 on RM5

2x400 on RM4

1x800 on RM3


1. ‘RM’ denotes the rest time between each 50m.

- RM8 stands for RM Cycle 8 which gives you 8s rest per 50m.

- RM7 stands for RM Cycle 7 which gives you 7s rest per 50m or 14s per 100m.

- RM6 stands for RM Cycle 6 which gives you 6s rest per 50m or 24s per 200m, etc.

For distances above 50m, you accumulate the rest time per 50m by staying ahead of the beeper. For example, on the ‘5 x 200 on RM6’, you will get 4 x 6s rest for every 200m rep.

2. In order not to get too excited too early and to ensure you can HOLD THE PACE for the longer distance, start slightly slower than your CSS/threshold speed in the earlier parts, then move to your CSS/threshold speed and finally, finish off the last part of the set with your fastest effort.

How to set your FINIS Tempo Trainer (TT)?

1. Calculate your CSS/threshold time

Find out what is your CSS/threshold time by using this calculator.

2. Set your FINIS Tempo Trainer

Once you have gotten your CSS time, for example: 2:00mins per 100m:

Convert 2:00min/100m into seconds = 120s/100m

Divide by 2 to get 50m time = 60s/50m

Add rest time = 60s + RM8 = 68s/50m

Set Tempo Trainer to Mode 2, key in 68s.

Now you are good to go!

Come join our Swim Squad

If you want to share the pain with others, drop by at my squad. We swim 6 times a week. Our Red Mist sessions are on:

Tuesday mornings 6.30am-8.00am (PJ Palms)

Thursday mornings 6.45am-8.15am (Bukit Kiara)

For more info: click here.

Alternatively, follow our stories on Instagram for our Red Mist swim sets. Share this post with your friends and start hitting a Red Mist set with them!

To buy a Tempo Trainer, go to Swimshop2u and use our 10% Discount code: SWIMSMOOTH


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