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Swimming into 🌎 History: Ridzwan Rahim Conquered the 25KM Redang Channel Swim.

Swimming into 🌎 History: Ridzwan Rahim Conquered the 25KM Redang Channel Swim.

Ridzwan Rahim 47, from Malaysia, has placed his name in history as the first person to conquer the challenging 25KM swim from Redang Island to Pantai Bari, Terengganu. But this incredible achievement didn't come easy. He faced the daunting channel not once but twice! In March 2022, the ocean tested him mentally and physically and ended in disappointment. However, Ridzwan persevered. On the 24th of June 2023, he dove back into those waters, determined to succeed, and swam the channel, setting the first record in 20 hours, 42 minutes, and 26 seconds. Ridzwan Rahim's Team and Crew: ● Team Leader and Chief Feeder: Mohd Faiz Mat Isa ● Open Water Swim Coach: Shauqie Aziz - ● Observers: Shamsul Hamimi (Lead) and Tsuyoshi Amzar Sawada ● Lifesaver and Medic: Muhammad Fajrul Hazreen Zainal ● Kayaker and Local Authority Liaison Officer: Hafizuddin Amlin ● Photographer: Ariff Budiman ● Videographer: Mohd Fahmi Zainal Aripin ● Boat Skippers: Muhammad Muhaimin Mat Yunus and Shamzur Azren Che Samaon ● Boat Hands: Mohd Nazuan Azharrudin, Muhammad Hairiy Che Jais, Muhammad Haizey Chek Jais, Mohd Fazlin Zakaria, and Roki Special Thanks to: ● Coach Imran Luqman ● Coach Angelia Ong ● MySwimCoaching Squad Mates: Kenneth Chang, Dr. Hanapi Mohd Tahir, Low Khee Wah, Ridthauddin Rahim, Dr. Ruwaida Rahum, Stella Ong ● Videographer during interview session: Adam Curt Local Authorities: ● The Terengganu Fisheries Department ● Setiu District Royal Malaysian Police ● Setiu District Fire and Rescue Department ● Setiu District Malaysia Civil Defence Force ● The Tok Bali chapter of the Malaysian Maritime Enforcement Agency ● Tourism Terengganu

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